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Are you a
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Then you might want to phone me at (805) 843-5353. The initial call is free, with no strings attached, and you'll get useful information even in that free call. I can tell you how to bring thousands of visitors to a website without spending a penny on advertising or depending on seach engines, or I can tell you about something that ought to be written into almost all leases, or I can give you some techniques to straighten out a toxic office, or get you started on the first steps to patch up a seemingly sinking ship. Plus, I think you'll enjoy my friendly, informative manner.

Jeff Napier,
Business Coach
(805) 843-5353

Here's a bit more about me:

Back in 1979, A bicycle shop had fallen $140,000 in debt. That was the first business I was asked to coach. After 6 months, the debt was reduced to $60,000 and the owner was back on track. He had regained his confidence, and he knew what to do. His profit grew by over $13,000 per month. That shop still exists and is doing fine. (See "How I Repaired the Bicycle Shop.")

Since that first one, I have coached many people in a wide variety of businesses.

For instance, I had a client with a website that was getting 3 - 5 visitors per month. We had a phone conversation, and a week later, after implementing what I suggested, she was getting more than 14,000 visitors per day.

Your results may not always be as spectacular as that, but the general idea is that you will make far more than my cost. You could say my coaching is essentially free! It works for nearly everyone, so it's well worth doing, don't you think?

There are at least 5,000 other people in the world who call themselves business coaches. So, why would you choose me as your coach?

How Can One Coach Be Better Than The Others?

* I have more than thirty years experience in the real business world. I have founded 18 businesses from retail, to software, to entertainment.

* I charge just $10/day.

* While many business coaches use various fun-and-game exercises that are designed to help you in general concepts, I focus more on your real-world situation at hand. You want to make money, and you want to do it soon, right? You may even want to do what you do with joyful enthusiasm.

* I often ask carefully-designed questions and offer metaphorical responses so you can understand things in new ways. This frequently allows you to come up with your own creative, practical solutions. You will acquire new concepts at a level where they will really work for you.

* Coaching doesn't necessarily have to fit into weekly sessions. I have the flexibility to work with you as issues come up and as your schedule allows. You can phone me any time. I'll phone you as needed. For some people at some times, that turns out to be an hour a week. Sometimes, we may cover an issue in great detail for two or three hours. More often, we call each other a few times a week, and we talk for only a few minutes each time. I am also available by email.

* I like to promote green ideas where they make sense. Quite often, you can implement something socially or environmentally conscious in your business and actually make more money. For instance, you can start using biodegradable soap in your cleaning process. Then, you can get effective free publicity for your change to biodegradable, rather than spending money on less effective advertising. You win, your customers win, the environment wins. This is the kind of business I like. How about you?

* I took a break from coaching from 2006 until just recently. Most of my clients did very well, but I was concerned about the ones I couldn't help. I studied NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and became a master practitioner. When used properly, this not only helps in the design of great business communication, but it can be used to get past hidden blocks or limiting beliefs. For someone in business, this can make all the difference in the world.

* Whereas I am well versed in exactly the things you need to know to run any business, and am careful and conservative in many ways, I am not opposed to unusual business practices. When 'business-as-usual' is not satisfying your needs, it is time to look into 'business unusual.' I can help you explore unique product lines, can talk with you about 'exchange' businesses, and have literally hundreds of business strategies.

* If you are not sure about what I can do for you, please feel free to call and we'll enjoy talking 'shop.'

* If your business is in trouble, call me. Let's get it turned around as quickly as possible.

* If you're just starting a business, call me. I can help you avoid all the pitfalls so you can get going safely and quickly.

* If you don't know what kind of business you want to start, definitely call me! I can help you discover a business that you will truly enjoy, is likely to be successful, and requires little time or money to start. There is no need to spend your life savings to start a business.

* If you have dreams of starting a business, but are missing something - experience, start-up money, know-how, time, enthusiasm, or focus, call me! We can explore variations that you may enjoy, such as partnerships, or businesses that are parallel to what you are currently envisioning.

* I strive to bring more enthusiasm back into your life and business, so you'll feel recharged and ready to do the things you really want to do!

* I'm not unapproachably wealthy. In fact, I recently became too experimental and crashed a business, so I am in a position which may be similar to yours. We're going to come up together. Oh, I'll accumulate wealth again, but the experience has been great for me to understand people who are deep in the struggle.

* My telephone manner is quite enjoyable. You can look forward to our ongoing conversations.

I have coached in varying capacities for...

* A blues guitarist
* A private detective
* A composer
* A computer artist
* MCI's training and documentation team
* A mortgage broker
* Cingular Wireless
* An ice arena
* Web Earth Online
* CodeName:MANA
* A pressure washing company
* A tutoring service
* A man who wants to unify the world's political system
* Several bicycle shops
* Several photographers
* Several authors
* An artist
* A clothing store
* U.S. Automation
* Several software designers & freelance programmers
* Several eBay auctioneers
* Paul Mace Software
* A tax consultant
* A guitar amplifier repairman
* Several web-based retailers
* A drummer
* Several network (multi-level) marketers
* A dance studio owner
* A rollerblading instructor
* A modeling agency
* An end-of-life support agency
* A sculptor
* A jeweler
* Several massage practitioners and healers
* A petsitting/housesitting service
* A software publisher
* Several small manufacturers
* A route salesperson
* DataSpace Industries
* A juggler
* A classic fix-it man
* A freelance project manager
* A bookstore owner
* A clock repairman
* A signmaker
* A furniture builder
* An independent vehicle rental agent
* A professional skateboarder
* A CSA organic farmer

... and many others. So, as you can see, I have the right experience to help you. Here's what some of my clients say:

I can't thank you enough for all your help. You have made a huge difference. I can't wait to see what you come up with next."

Fay Fahron,
Columnist, Entrepreneur

"Jeff has been a great resource. He has provided coaching that is greatly appreciated."

Chester Alan Godsy,
Founder - Web Earth Online

You just qualified for sainthood. Just to let you know, I have seen a big increase in inquiries from my website."

Ann Flaherty,
Private Detective

"I'm an author with an income now that never would have happened without your help!"

Amy Butler

"I have known Jeff Napier for 10 years, and during that time his assistance has always been better, and his ability to solve problems has been faster, than anyone else I've ever used."

Dr. Stephen Truelove,

"You have been helpful and went above-and-beyond to help me understand how to get the results I wanted."

John McMahan,
Healthcare Information Systems Consultant

"As he is a good communicator who is always keen to help, I have no hesitation in saying that any project whether large or small, will benefit from Jeff's considerable experience and originality."

Godfrey Gardner,
Reedmace Ltd. UK.

"Thank you so much!!! It was awesome. I'm sure it will really help me. I've been feeling stuck and now I see why."

Terri Zink,

Jeff Napier, Business Coach

Phone: (805) 843-5353

For Those Who Enjoy More Detail:

I started my first business in 1974 with $400, a handful of tools, and six used bicycles. It grew into the leading 'pro' bicycle shop in a community of 400,000, and was reported in the local newspaper as "the fastest growing business in town." After 5 years, I sold that bike shop for $76,000, which I considered a lot of money at the time. I was approached by another bike shop owner. His shop was $140,000 in debt, and he needed help. In six months, I helped him reduce his debt to $60,000 and got his business going in a profitable direction. (See How I Repaired the Bike Shop.) After starting several other assorted businesses, some successful, and some not (but great learning experiences), I became an amateur juggler. It didn't take me long to start performing professionally, eventually doing comedy shows with fire and knives in San Diego, Philadelphia and Waikiki. After a few years of that, I started writing software. Before long, a few other software authors were asking about my success, and I started telling them about my business techniques. One person told another about how I was helping their businesses, and I was eventually reborn as a business coach. In 2006 I took a break from business coaching, and studied NLP (Neuro-Linguistc Programming) for two years, while also experimenting with a couple of 'exchange' businesses involving retail, Amazon and eBay selling. Having become certified as a master NLP practitioner, and with a total of 18 businesses under my belt, I now have the skills to help people get past limiting beliefs, which makes me an even better business coach. So, just now I have started business coaching again, better than ever!

Jeff Napier, Business Coach

Phone: (805) 843-5353

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