An Unusual Approach to Success in Business

One out of every four women fail in business. But wait: Four out of every five men fail in business.

That is so unnecessary!

Here are some major factors:

* Not presenting your product or service in sufficiently attractive ways.

* Not knowing some tricks for building profit.

* Not being up-to-date with technology and marketing trends.

* Not able to overcome mental blocks or negative beliefs.

* Not having balance, confidence, or focus.

However, a few emails or texts every week with me, a business coach, can turn all this around, sometimes spectacularly. The cost is only $48/week. The profit could be huge.

For instance, one of my clients had a website that was getting three visitors a month, one of which was her mother. In her first week with me, her website started getting over 14,000 visitors a day. Your initial success will probably not be as grand as that, but you can expect good things!

I did for her what I do for everyone. We have ordinary email conversations in which I educate and inspire people in business. I'm your mentor, your friend, your confidant, and your cheerleader. All this at $48/week. As your business grows, I will charge more money. But only after you're easily able to pay it.

Then there's what I didn't do. I didn't hold her to any contract. She could quit my service whenever she wanted. I didn't set up scheduled phone calls. As I'm sure you know, for most people, remembering and managing to be available Wednesday at 3pm is difficult. Accuracy of facts and feelings in spontaneous conversation is less than ideal. Information in writing is more memorable than spoken information. Plus, that's what keeps the cost so low. So instead, she could write me whenever she wanted.

And, I'm good. In addition to being the founder of twelve businesses from retail to entertainment, I am a certified master NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) practitioner. I can help you get past hidden blocks and fears. Plus, one of my businesses was website design. I know what it takes to build a strong online presence and can teach you all the tricks.

You may be surprised by the way our email conversations can go. Sometimes it's very specific, like how to set up a Twitter account. But more often, I talk in metaphors, I listen, I help you understand things in new ways, discover unique approaches, and help you feel inspired about yourself and your situation.

Your business growth is expected to be many times greater than the cost of this coaching! If not, you can drop me like a hot potato.

I don't require a contract because this doesn't work for everyone. In fact, I've had a significantly positive effect for only about 30% of my clients. But if it works, it really works! You may end up being happier, and making more money than ever in your life. If it doesn't work, you've spent very little money for a valid experiment.

Am I going to be your coach? I hope so. There's so much garbage in the coaching world. There are so-called coaches who don't actually have business experience, there are coaches who don't know basic psychology, there are 'coaches' who only want to take as much money from you as they can. Watch out for anyone who asks for a big deposit, or requires a long-term commitment. A commitment can be good because change doesn't always happen overnight. But these coaches demand a commitment so they'll know you'll keep paying them.

When you start with me, you pay for only the first week ($48). If you're not satisfied at any point, don't pay for the next week. It's just that simple.

Ready? Just write me at, or text me at (805) 843-5353 for a free initial e-conversation. You'll enjoy my friendly, informative style.

What people say:

"I can't thank you enough for all your help. You have made a huge difference." Fay Fahron, Columnist, Entrepreneur

"You just qualified for sainthood." Ann Flaherty, Private investigator

"I'm an ebook author with an income now that never would have happened without your help!" Amy Butler

"Learning how to design and develop websites had always been a goal of mine so I started paying Jeff for coaching. He is patient, well spoken, precise and an all-around enjoyable person to work with. If you need coaching, there is no one I more highly recommend than Jeff." Adam McKinley Owner, True Social Marketing

"Working with Jeff has been a great experience. Jeff gives personal one on one help which is hard to find. When you email you know whom you will be talking with, and not get shuffled off to a random employee. It's the sort of help I have not found in many years. Plus his rates are very reasonable." Scott Paul

"Thanks so much for explaining it in detail for me. That's exactly what I wanted, and thanks for doing it so quickly. Regards, Sharon"

"I received three franchise inquires after your very first post!" Sheila McCann, House of Bread

"As Jeff is a good communicator who is always keen to help, I have no hesitation in saying that any project whether large or small, will benefit from his considerable experience and originality." Godfrey Gardner, Reedmace Ltd. UK.

"Jeff has been a pleasure to work with. From the first time we availed his services he has been very patient and diligent. We can clearly attest to the fact he went above and beyond our expectation. Koushik Saha (Ph.D.) California Polytechnic State University

"That was so helpful. Thank you 1 million Jeff. You are very efficient and helpful. Much appreciated. All the best, Miranda"

Write me at the email address above, or text me at (805) 843-5353 for a free initial e-conversation. You'll enjoy my friendly, informative style.

Jeff Napier
(805) 843-5353